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Children's Sign Langauge Songs

featuring American Sign Langauge, ASL

Children's sign language songs offer many benefits to children.  Sign language songs featuring American Sign Language, ASL, provide for playful interactive learning.  Here are the top 10 benefits of children’s sign language songs: 

  1. Children's sign language songs are a FUN AND PLAYFUL ADULT / CHILD ACTIVITY.  Parents and teachers alike have discovered that young children, through elementary school, love to learn to sign and are genuinely excited to participate in ASL signing activities. Watch this song from Play-Along Songs Volume 3 which features children's sign language songs, demonstrate just how fun and educational singing and signing can be. It is called Days of the Week. TV Video
  2. Children's sign language songs ENHANCE EARLY COMMUNICATION.  Young children have the ability to use their hands to communicate wants, thoughts, and desires often many months before they can say the word. For very young children, as young as 10 months, this offers a way for parents to give their children a developmentally appropriate communication skill.

  3. Children's sign language songs REDUCE COMMUNICATION FRUSTRATIONS.  Parents around the country have been reporting for years that signing gives them and their children a usable communication tool that enables children make clear wants and needs long before they can speak and thereby reducing the crying game frustrations.

  4. Children's sign language songs INCREASES VOCABULARY.  Hearing children who learn to sign have been shown to have up to twice the usable vocabulary, signed and spoken, than their non-signing counterparts. Signing offers children an additional way to communicate that is stored and accessed in a different part of the brain from verbal memory. It is a wonderful means of scaffolding or a way to build skills that will raise a child to the next level of learning.

  5. Children's sign language songs GIVE CHILDREN A HEAD START ON EDUCATION.  Children who sign have been found to have twice the usable vocabulary of non-signing children. Signing also provides children with a way to manipulate letters, sounds and to spell before they are able to write.  It helps to prepare them for entering elementary school and helps with reading-readiness.

  6. Children's sign langauge songs STIMULATE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT.  Signing has been shown to foster brain development in young children.  This engaging activity encourages the brain to build synapses and dendrites.  Signed words are stored in a separate part of the brain, learning sign along with spoken words, enhances memory and recall of language.

  7. Children's sign langauge songs HELPS BUILD FINE AND GROSS MOTOR SKILLS.  A great way for children to move their fingers, hands and bodies and develop hand–eye coordination.

  8. Children's sign language songs FOSTER SELF-ESTEEM.  Learning sign language enhances children's self-esteem and helps to encourage a real enthusiasm for learning.

  9. Children's sign language songs TEACHES VOCABULARY TO A SECOND LANGUAGE.  Play-Along Songs features American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary.   ASL is the 4th most common in the U.S.

  10. Children's activity songs IMPROVES MEMORY AND RECALL.  Children who sign find that learning about the world around them is fun and interesting.  This excitement of learning will be carried on into elementary school, thus signing provides them with a Jump Start on Education.

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